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Welcome to the Kid’s Corner!

Happy Fire Prevention Week!

Hero wants you to share the message of fire safety and Minutes Matter® with Flat Hero!

1) Click the link to download a template and instructions
2) After you create and decorate Flat Hero, snap a picture of your Flat Hero next to something related to Fire Prevention.
3) Share using the form at the bottom of this page.


2022 Fire Prevention Week Contest

1) Create and decorate your Flat Hero (Steps and instructions on how to create Hero can be found at the top of this page).

2) Take your hero on adventures with you and snap a picture with your hero next to something related to fire prevention. Or get REALLY creative and mail your Hero to travel to a distant friend or relative. Share the message of fire safety and the importance of minutes matter and have your friend or relative snap a picture showing how far Hero traveled.

3) Complete the yellow form (be sure to include the name and age of your child, WAFS Office Location, and WAFS parent / team member.

4) Attach the saved file (picture) of your Flat Hero Photo Contest Entry.

5) Hit Submit!

6) Check your email for confirmation that it was received.

If you have any difficulties submitting your entry, please email the child’s name, age, WAFS Office location, the name of the WAFS team member, and the photo to

    [honeypot hp-916]

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