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Dedication to customer service, highly-trained team members, passion for our cause (Minutes Matter®), is what puts us ahead of the competition when it comes to your safety. CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE OUR LEGACY HALL

Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc. has provided top-quality fire protection for its clients in all markets. At Wayne Automatic, our commitment to excellence is best illustrated by our work. Our unmatched experience and a dedication to customers help us advance our innovative vision to protect you and your possessions from the devastating fires.

Wayne Automatic is backed by highly-trained team members, with years of experience in installing, maintaining, and servicing fire sprinklers and alarm systems. Wayne Automatic was founded in 1978 by Wayne Gey. As former chairman of the board of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, and as a past member of the Board of Directors, Wayne pushed innovation and efficiency at his company as well as in the industry. Today, Wayne Automatic has grown to become one of the largest fire protection companies in the Southeast.

As a family-owned business, Wayne Automatic is dedicated to our client’s safety and the safety of their families and friends. We often say, “Minutes Matter – because families and dreams become memories in three minutes.” In three minutes a fire can destroy your entire life, and the people at Wayne Automatic know that all too well, and we’re committed to changing the world one system, one workforce, and one family at a time. We want to buy people time because buying time saves lives!

With a staff of over 700 team members, Wayne Automatic maintains offices in seven locations: Ocoee, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Deerfield Beach, Tampa, Concord, North Carolina and Raleigh, North Carolina. Wayne Automatic specializes in construction projects for the residential, commercial, and industrial marketplace.

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