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Current Opportunities List:

Ocoee (Orlando): Commercial/New Construction Designers, Experienced & Non-Experienced Fitters/Helpers for Commercial out of town work; 1 Experienced Alarm Technician; Multiple Alarm Techs; Alarm Helpers; Underground Helpers; Site Division Workers - (Equipment, Pipe Laying, Shooting Grades Experience Preferred)

Fort Myers: 1 Administrative Assistant; 1-Life Safety Specialist; 1-FireSprinkler Foreman (New Construction); 1-Fire Sprinkler Foreman (Service);4-Fire Sprinkler Helpers; 1-Fire Sprinkler Fitter (New Construction); 1-Inspector Helper; Multiple Alarm Techs and 2-Alarm Foreman (installation experience preferred)

Jacksonville: Alarm Sales Rep; 1 Service Salesman; 3 Helpers; 2 Service Helpers; 3 Service Foremen; 3 Alarm Tech’s; 3 Commercial Foreman; 5 Helpers; 4 Commercial/Residential Fitters

Pompano Beach: 1 Alarm Tech; 1 Alarm Installer (2-3 years of experience preferred); 1 Service Foreman (5-10 years of experience preferred)

Tampa: Service Dept- 2 Experienced Foremen; Alarm Dept- 1 Experienced Foremen; Commercial Dept-4 Experienced Fitters

Concord, NC: 2 Sprinkler Foreman for Service Department (Experience Preferred); Multiple Commercial Department Foremen; Multiple Service Foreman; Multiple Commercial Fitters; Multiple Service Fitters; Multiple Commercial Helpers; Service Helpers; Inspector; Inspections Helper; Multiple Alarm Service Technician; Alarm Foreman; and Alarm Helper.

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