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Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Sprinklers

Q: Can a fire sprinkler be set off accidentally?
A: Rarely, but it has been know to happen…while we know that fire safety is no laughing matter…


Q: Are fire sprinklers prone to accidental discharge? (and the real answer)
A: The odds of a sprinkler activation due to a manufacturing defect are about 1 in 16 million. Fire sprinklers have a long history of proven dependability and reliability.

Q: How effective are fire sprinklers?
A: In home fires deemed large enough to activate an operational sprinkler, sprinklers operated and were effective 99% of the time.

Q: Will fire sprinklers actually reduce property loss?
A: Automatic fire sprinklers reduce the average property loss by 74% per fire. Watch this demonstration of a side by side burn and see for yourself.

Q: Does fire sprinkler activation result in a lot of water damage?
A: No! Most fires are completely controlled with the activation of only one or two sprinklers. Fire hoses, on average, use more than 8 times the water that sprinklers do to contain a fire. See this demonstration.

Q: How much does a fire sprinkler system cost? Is the cost worth it?
A: The cost per square foot can vary widely due to great differences in installation requirements so this question can be answered effectively only after a review of the occupancy. New installations will cost much less than retrofit installations.

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